Marriage Monday #70

Set short-term and long-term goals for your relationship. Goals are not just meant for finances but can be used to build up one of the greatest relationships you'll ever have!  


February’s Challenge

This month, forget that the word "no" existed and say only "yes" to your spouse! You and your spouse are in control and can decide whether to set boundaries or not. Have fun! Who knows? You might just find hide and seek in the dark without clothes to be on the agenda!

Fearless Marriage

Great news! We've launched our Fearless Marriage Facebook page! Like our page to be the first to access our posts, scriptures, and soon-to-come podcasts and videos.   Send us a message to ask questions or about topics you'd like to discuss! -Lois

Awesome News!

I'd like to start of by thanking you for your patience for the last couple of months with my posts. You may have noticed that I only posted a couple of monthly challenges and a few Marriage Monday Tips, and even that had dwindled into almost nothing. The truth is that we are writing a... Continue Reading →

December’s Challenge

As preparations for the upcoming holiday season begins it's easy to allow things to get out of hand. Take the stress out of holiday shopping and preparations and find time to relax with a date night or two. This month's marriage challenge is to locate your public ice rink and go ice skating with your... Continue Reading →

The Praying Parent Powerhouse

This uplifting article by JP Robinson encourages parents to be "a vortex of faith and courage." Releasing TODAY is JP's historical thriller: In the Shadow of Your Wings. It is in this novel that the character Thomas's profligate son, Malcolm, denies everything his father has taught him which causes Thomas to make some tough decisions.... Continue Reading →

A Thankful Spouse

At this time of year, it is not unusual to reflect on the occurrences of the past 10 months. Since this blog is focused on marriage, family, and parenting I'd like to ask: What are you thankful for in your marriage? What makes family gatherings so special? What memories do you plan on making with... Continue Reading →

September’s Challenge

It's just about halfway through the month already! How time flies! This month's marriage challenge is to: Give your spouse a long, slow, and thorough massage complete with candles and relaxing music. Stress can make us feel tense. Help your spouse relieve some of the stress by giving them a massage. Have a relaxing weekend!😁

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