RAT Technology

It is not a rat I’m talking about!!! I’m talking about Rapid Air Technology. It is used in a new kitchen appliance called the air fryer. When my husband and I first saw it at BJs we laughed! This machine is supposed to fry food with little to no oil and therefore produce a healthier meal. It uses the rapid air technology to produce high temperatures to “fry” the food. I’ve read that you could make fries in this machine using just half a spoonful of oil. Doesn’t that sound impressive?

To begin with,  I rarely eat fried food. Everything I make is either grilled or baked. It would be nice to try something fried without having to worry about all the oil and grease. I’ve read some reviews about it and many of them have been positive but I was wondering if any one of you have one or have used one. What do you think about the air fryer?

Here is a website explaining what it is and how the air fryer works. http://airfryerreviews.com/oil-less-fryer/


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