What would YOU like to read about on LOFTForum? There are so many things we can talk about but I'd like to hear what you're interested in! Please respond in the poll below or add in a topic under "other" if the topic you'd like to read about isn't there. (The survey is anonymous) Don't... Continue Reading →


Summer’s End

That time of year is back again. We see gravestones on front lawns, skeletons hanging from trees, jack-o-lanterns by the windows and fake bloody corpses that look like they are about to rise from the dead all around us. We see kids having fun, dressing up in adorable character/animal costumes or even in scary ensembles,... Continue Reading →

Dating Your Husband (Part 2)

Spending quality time with your husband will strengthen your relationship. Think about it: How did you get to know your husband before you both got married? How did he get to know you? You spent time together! You went on multiple dates and spent hours on the phone. You MADE the time to get to... Continue Reading →

Dating Your Husband (Part 1)

"You may now kiss the bride," said the minister at the sacred alter. While I heard those words, I welcomed the excitement and happiness of what the future held. It was like a brightly burning one could put it out no matter what they said or did. Joseph and I were too busy being... Continue Reading →

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