The Language of Love

Have you ever heard it said that actions speak louder than words? I agree somewhat with that statement...but for marriage I think this statement works better: Both action and words speak volumes and volumes! Husbands and wives (especially those who have been married for a couple of years) can communicate with each other with just... Continue Reading →



Since no one is just born being a good communicator, how do husbands and wives become good at communicating with each other? In the previous article we discovered the 5 ways that couples communicate with each other and took a look at what kind of communication skills make a happy marriage. In this article we'll... Continue Reading →

Happily Married Couples Tend To…

We've all heard at some point or another that communication is an important part of marriage. My husband and I had even made it part of our marriage seminars in "Marriage:The Bliss Never Ends" and "Marriage:Decoding the Mystery". It really is a true statment: Communication is a key element to a successful marriage. There are... Continue Reading →

A Good Steward

In Luke chapter 12 verse 42, Jesus talks about a faithful and wise steward. What exactly is a steward? A steward is an official appointed to supervise arrangements or to keep order. Are we stewards? Yes! We are stewards of all that God has given us. Take a moment to think about all the things... Continue Reading →

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