A Good Steward

In Luke chapter 12 verse 42, Jesus talks about a faithful and wise steward. What exactly is a steward? A steward is an official appointed to supervise arrangements or to keep order.

Are we stewards? Yes! We are stewards of all that God has given us.

Take a moment to think about all the things God has given you, both physical and spiritual. With all of the things He has given you how can you use them to bring glory to His name?

To some of us He has given many things and to some, fewer things. But no matter how much we have, the question is: How are we being good stewards with what God has given us?

Many of us have a place to call “home”. Are the things inside of our homes glorifying the Lord? Since it is our goal to have the Holy Spirit in our homes, what are we doing to make Him feel comfortable in each room? Will He be able to read your books/magazines, walk through your attic, or even your basement? Are you being a good steward of your natural home?

What about the things we purchase with the money God has given us? Are we spending it wisely? Are we purchasing things that entertain and distracts us from that Quiet Time we so desperately need with the Lord? Are we accumulating things that we really don’t need?

The Lord has given us bodies, which is His temple. How are we being a good steward with it? Do our mouths testify of His goodness or are they shy to tell about what he has done? Do our feet (or vehicles) take us to places where He can come too? Are our hands accomplishing deeds that He can smile upon?

Just as a wife does things to please her husband so must the Bride of Christ live to please her Lord. In everything we do, we want the Lord to get glory .


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