What is a Christian Champion?

After discovering similarities between the sports world and parenting we chose to make a parallel between the two topics. My husband and I were on our way back home from Ohio. It was summer break and since we had a couple hours left before reaching our destination, we began talking about these two topics. While we personally do not support sports, we used it as … Continue reading What is a Christian Champion?

Your Child. God’s Champion.

This Saturday (12/12) my husband and I are hosting our first time ever Parenting Seminar! It is being held at the beautiful Courtyard Marriot on Hospitality Drive in Lancaster PA. While our seminars are filled with great and useful info, it also allows attendees to have some fun. The topic for our upcoming seminar is: Raising Champions. We will be talking about: 1. Understanding your … Continue reading Your Child. God’s Champion.

Role Models

There’s no two ways about it. Parenting can be tough. It is a subject that comes with tons of research, ideas, and lots of books! Every parent knows that they are a role model once their child is born. How does a child learn how to speak? How does a child learn how to behave? Children are constantly watching their parents’ actions, reactions to different … Continue reading Role Models