Celebrate Your Love

One of the most romantic days of the year is quickly approaching. It is one of those days that I get excited about. My husband and I like to celebrate our love on this day...and not only on this day but on various days scattered throughout the year. We like to have fun, laugh, try... Continue Reading →


Cleaning Secrets

Ever get tired of spending the entire day cleaning? Cleaning is one of those chores that nobody wants to do but is necessary to maintain organization, cleanliness, and to prevent the spreading of germs. When you've got kids it can seem that you're always cleaning. Your time is already stretched thin so how do you... Continue Reading →

Too Much Stuff?

If you were to peek into the average woman's closet, you'd find an average of 30 outfits. That's one for every day of the month! In 1930, that number was significantly less..it was 9. Did you know that the average American family spends $1,700 on clothes but also throws away 65 pounds of clothing every... Continue Reading →

Raising an Overcomer

How does a parent raise a child to be an overcomer? Well, by reflecting the greatest parent of all: God. That may seem overwhelming and impossible. Of course parents cannot be all-knowing and sometimes make mistakes sometimes but God is the perfect parent that we should want to reflect. Let's take these 4 aspects of... Continue Reading →

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