Going Against the Tide

Can you imagine just how hard it would be for someone to swim against an oncoming tide? The force of the tide will push against that swimmer over and over again until it reaches its goal. That swimmer will have to constantly give his/her all to constantly reach their goal. Even though I can't swim,... Continue Reading →


Got Milk?

After we had our dinner one night, my husband had wanted some dessert. We had made some lava cakes the night before and he was looking for one. To make his dessert complete, he usually drinks a glass of almond milk which had finished the night before. I had suggested that he use the organic... Continue Reading →

How To Be Happy Now

We live in a world where people never seem to be satisfied; we want the latest car, smartphone, tablet, fashion trends, a big home, etc. Although these things may be nice to have it doesn't bring happiness. Happiness is not something that can be bought where only the rich may be able to buy it.... Continue Reading →

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