Got Milk?

After we had our dinner one night, my husband had wanted some dessert. We had made some lava cakes the night before and he was looking for one. To make his dessert complete, he usually drinks a glass of almond milk which had finished the night before. I had suggested that he use the organic cow’s milk that was in the fridge. He refused.
This opened up a whole discussion about what is in cow’s milk. I’d never really thought about it. As a kid I loved milk..still do. But, I began to wonder. Are the hormones given to cows somehow passed into the milk? What happens to the cows when they are not pregnant? Is this something I want my kids continuing to drink?
I began asking questions that I wanted to find the answers to and after doing some research I had learned the truth. I didn’t like what I was seeing and reading. In fact, it was disgusting. I was beginning to consider drinking cashew milk instead.
However, I decided to stick to the organic cow’s milk I usually buy and I will continue to support their companies although it is more expensive. Also, giving my kids cheese, yogurt, orange juice, etc. are great ways to give them the nutrients they need to go strong and healthy.
My confidence of a healthier product is not found by seeing the organic seal on a label. It is found in knowing that when I pray over my food that it is cleansed by my God.


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