Love Letters

When my husband and I were in the courtship phase of our relationship we began writing letters to one another. While we still communicated via email and telephone, there was something more personal about receiving a written letter. The fact that he had taken the time to write it out, personalize it, get a stamp... Continue Reading →


Hello Spring!

Spring has sprung! I get so excited when the weather changes from being cold to warm. Don't you? It's time to get rid of that heavy winter coat, fire up the grill, and enjoy longer days with plenty of sunshine while sitting on the patio/deck. I start looking around my house thinking of different ways... Continue Reading →

Good Nutrition vs. Bad Nutrition

Have you ever wanted to eat something and after you did you regretted it? I know that has happened to me MANY times! Has it ever happened to you? Every day we have choices as to what we put inside of our bodies. We all want to make healthy choices but sometimes our will gets... Continue Reading →

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