Good Nutrition vs. Bad Nutrition

Have you ever wanted to eat something and after you did you regretted it? I know that has happened to me MANY times! Has it ever happened to you?
Every day we have choices as to what we put inside of our bodies. We all want to make healthy choices but sometimes our will gets a little bent over. The way that that cookie or brownie looks make us have a difficult time deciding whether to choose it or a salad. Or perhaps it was a no brainier to choose the cookie/brownie. Whatever you decide to put into your body is totally up to you.
However, proper nutrition helps us to stay in good health. Foods that are good for our bodies should not have artificial ingredients, chemicals, dyes, hormones, and should not be processed.
Eating a variety of foods from each food group should help your body to have more energy and stay within a healthy range. There are many benefits to choosing healthier meal options than unhealthy meals/snacks.
We don’t realize it but drinks also count! How much sugar was in that 8oz. glass of juice you just drank? 32/34 grams..or more?? That’s a lot of sugar in a little bit of juice! Calorie counting or making healthy choices is not just about what you eat. Add water to your juice by making it 50% juice and 50% water. If you can handle that try 75% water and 25% juice. Trying this with kids will teach them how to make healthier choices too and make your bottle of juice last a little longer!
Making the choice to eat unhealthy food items from one food group makes our bodies lack nutrition we need from the other food groups. Eating a well balanced diet with about 20-30 mins. of exercise every day will help us stay in shape. Choosing healthier meal options will get rid of that regret I mentioned in the beginning.
Eating healthier doesn’t mean that you must give up your favorite snack! Just limit the amount of times you eat it. Or you can think of it as a reward. If you’ve made healthy choices from Monday-Friday, reward yourself with a small treat on Saturday.
Taking care of our bodies can seem like a big task especially when our attention if focused on so many other things. But it is important to take care of the “house” that we live in.


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