Hello Spring!

Spring has sprung! I get so excited when the weather changes from being cold to warm. Don’t you? It’s time to get rid of that heavy winter coat, fire up the grill, and enjoy longer days with plenty of sunshine while sitting on the patio/deck.
I start looking around my house thinking of different ways to liven and brighten things up a bit. Only this time, I’m surrounded by boxes. Yes..moving boxes. (My family and I will be moving in a couple weeks. So no spring cleaning for me this year.)
Have you begun that yet? That ginormous task of making the house and yard seem brighter and cleaner after the dark dreary days of winter? Spring cleaning can be such a big project. From the outside to the inside, from the top floor to the basement…it’s a lot of work.
While spring cleaning can take a lot of time, let’s not forget to spend time where it really matters. Let’s spend time on our knees, meditating on the Word, and listening to the sermons of our time. Dedicate a portion of your time to spend with the Lord. If you don’t make the time, Satan will fill it up with something else. We want our relationship with the Lord to be a close one so that when He speaks to us we are already listening.
Think about it: If a husband and wife were to speak to each other for a total of 15 mins a week what kind of a relationship would they have? These individuals wouldn’t know each other very well! But what could happen if they started talking for about 30 mins every day?
The Lord cares about us! Don’t let your relationship with Him seem one-sided.


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  1. So true, that if we don’t make the time satan will fill it with something else. This was especially noticeable to me this Easter, when Br. Joseph had that schedule for us to follow, (if we so desired). I realized how much that helped me with making the extra time. For 3 days, I was forced to fit my normal routine AROUND that schedule, and that helped me be more organized with how I spend my time. I loved how much extra time I had spent in the Word that weekend. It was more than just the usual morning and evening daily quiet time/devotions. It proved to me that I COULD find extra time if I just put my mind to it. 🙂


    1. Millenniumbride, you are right.
      Finding spaces in our schedule to fit “Quiet Time” should not be a hard task. While there are many things that demand our attention throughout the day we CAN make time for the Lord.
      Spending time with the Lord is like drinking from a cool refreshing spring on a hot Summer’s day.


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