Become the “Queen of Romance”

Fill in the blank: “If I do___________, my husband would be in complete shock!” Now take what you just completed the sentence with and “shock” your husband. Surprise him! Do the unexpected! It’s true that the more we do things, the better we become at doing them. The more you “wow” your husband, the better you’ll become at it. You may not become a “Queen … Continue reading Become the “Queen of Romance”

Deeper Intimacy = Healthier Communication

It doesn’t matter if you switch the equation in the title of this article around, the result will still be the same. Whether you are thinking that the communication aspect comes first before the intimacy or not the truth is that they will both happen. In our society, many husbands and wives seem to be in their own bubble. They have little to no communication … Continue reading Deeper Intimacy = Healthier Communication