Deeper Intimacy = Healthier Communication

It doesn’t matter if you switch the equation in the title of this article around, the result will still be the same. Whether you are thinking that the communication aspect comes first before the intimacy or not the truth is that they will both happen.

In our society, many husbands and wives seem to be in their own bubble. They have little to no communication and their physical union is not as exciting as it should be. And many times each spouse communicates through gestures, actions, verbally, or expressions: “I don’t want to communicate with you.”

If a wife does not want to meet the sexual needs of her husband, she is saying: “I don’t love you and I don’t need you.” Not a very welcoming thought for a husband, is it?

A husband in this situation will withdraw from his wife and try to focus on other needs and interests, such as his job or a hobby he enjoys. Meanwhile, inside of him is building up a mountain of sexual frustration. The higher this mountain becomes the more distant he will become. He will have little to no communication with his wife and feel very lonely. This marriage quickly turns into one filled with two unfulfilled, dissatisfied individuals who are unhappy.

Remember the NEED that every wife has? Emotional intimacy and communication. How can any wife expect her husband to fulfill this need if she is not even attempting to meet his? She should not think, “Well, if he was more romantic to me I will be more inclined to….” or “If he was like Jane’s husband we would be the perfect pair.”

If a wife would like deeper intimacy with her husband she needs to become selfless. Forget all selfish thoughts! She needs to stop thinking about how he is not meeting her needs and meet his. Focus on giving him the best kind of physical union she can. He shouldn’t be doing all the work in this area, be enthusiastic and participate! Any husband would love to see his wife become more aggressive in meeting his needs. Shock him, do the unexpected.

A husband who is pleasantly shocked will find himself WANTING to please his wife by meeting her needs. Also, the quality of communication gained will certainly be unlike what they’ve had before. He won’t be able to wipe that smile off of his face when his wife enters a room or stop thinking about what she’ll do next when they are alone together.

It is important for a wife to know how to satisfy her husband’s needs since sexual intimacy plays a major role in every marriage. If she can’t figure out how to satisfy him then she must find out how she can.

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8 thoughts on “Deeper Intimacy = Healthier Communication

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  1. First of all, I really like how you set up your site. It’s beautifully done. That said…yes, I agree that couples need to keep an eye on their level of intimacy. I don’t know if it’s youth or our cyber existence, but it seems to be at bay.

    Can a phone with all it’s bells and whistles really make up for a soulful look into the eyes of one’s alleged beloved?

    I’m in my 6th decade, so I’m voting no.


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