Why Can’t Women Say What They Mean?

"Why can't women just say what they mean?" Many men have asked this question. Why does it seem that women say one thing but mean something else? This causes frustration, anger, and sometimes tears. The truth is that while men use a very direct form of communication, women use many forms of indirect communication. She... Continue Reading →



Have you ever counted how many times you looked at yourself in a mirror during the course of any given day? Have you ever stopped to look at yourself? I mean REALLY look, not a glance..a LOOK. No doubt you may think about how you wish this were different, maybe that your nose wasn't that... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Your Love


One of the most romantic days of the year is quickly approaching. It is one of those days that I get excited about. My husband and I like to celebrate our love on this day…and not only on this day but on various days scattered throughout the year. We like to have fun, laugh, try new things and make memories together.
While many times it seems that the romantic gestures has to come from the man, it really doesn’t. Wives can be romantic to their husbands too or take the initiative to plan something special that both parties can enjoy.
It’s not just about flowers and kisses (although those are nice to receive) or even how much money you spend but just showing your spouse how much you love him in different ways.
Ready for some romantic fun?
Try surprising the man you love with some of these ideas!

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Appropriate Sex

Is sex important? Absolutely! Marital sex is one of the most important part of our lives! Yet, we don't talk about it as often as we should. People tell jokes about it, love to see it in movies, or read explicit scenes in books but hardly talk about the appropriate kind of sex. Why is... Continue Reading →

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