Marriage Mondays #6

Marriage Monday Tip #6 Catch up on how each other's day went at the end of every day. Communicate and listen to each other. Have a fabulous week!


A Positive Change

Without realizing it, mental lists of complaints can start forming in our heads. We often look at the things that our spouse hasn't done or isn't doing and get frustrated. Having this mental list doesn't make us feel positive towards our spouse or our marriage. In fact, if these thoughts continue without being expressed (at... Continue Reading →

Manhood Monday #3: Respect the Man!

I read this article yesterday and thought it was a great one to share. It shows how important respect is to a man and how important it is to earn it. Sign up for Manhood Mondays to get tips from JP!

JP Robinson

My last post, MM#2: Lead!, mentions respect. I think it’s inherent in us guys to want respect. We demand it from our little brothers, try to wheedle it out of our big sisters, and expect it from our wife.

We breathe it like we do air and, for some of us, it’s even more important than sex. But respect and your paycheck have a lot in common: both have to be earned.

Start by not joking so much and don’t treat life/others like a joke.

While friends may laugh at you when you try to be funny-they’re doing just that: laughing at you, not respecting bigstock-Man-with-black-mask-March-36-300x198you. I grew up in a heavily black (African-American) society and where it seemed that everything should make someone else laugh. However I learned early on in middle school something that they don’t teach you in textbooks: the joker never really wins. 

I stopped…

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What Every Husband Loves To Hear

After writing my article "What Every Wife Loves to Hear" I knew I needed to write one for husbands. In many marriages and relationships the focus usually is on the women. However, men need to hear certain things too. One of the biggest needs a man has is respect. He needs assurance from time to... Continue Reading →

You Deserve to Be Recognized

I didn't realize it then but I do now.  As a parent, I now can understand what my parents had to go through raising my siblings and I. I respect them more than ever now because I can see things through the eyes of a mother.  Raising a child/children is no easy task; Parents have... Continue Reading →

What Every Wife Loves To Hear

As a wife, I not only want to be loved by my husband but to also feel cherished. I love it when my husband compliments, touches, and shows me affection in various ways. Every wife loves it when her husband pays attention to her and loves to hear her husband say these words: "You look... Continue Reading →

Marriage Mondays #2

Marriage Monday Tip #2 Show your kids that your marriage is important and also comes before them: When your kids see the devotion and respect you have for each other, their sense of security will increase. Being in a stable home will promote stability for their future families. Have a fabulous week!

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