Disappointing Dilemmas 

I'd love to say that our plans always work out but the reality is that sometimes they just don't.  How do you handle a disappointing resolution to a situation when you and your spouse were counting on a positive outcome? Do you: 1. Blame each other? 2. Get discouraged, angry, or moody? As team players... Continue Reading →


Marriage Mondays Tip #10

Be considerate of your spouse in small ways. Let them sleep in a little, take a turn feeding the baby, brew them a cup of coffee, or help out in some other small way. Share these tips and help make someone's marriage better today! Have a wonderful week!

Are You Committed?

Two people who are committed to each each other can enjoy a marriage. However, when two people make investments in their marriage it can be more than just enjoyable. Take a look at your marriage and answer the following: 1. What are your marriage goals for this year?  2. What positive changes are you and... Continue Reading →


When my husband and I were in the newlywed phase of our marriage, we received a lot of advice. When a newlywed, (or through any phase for that matter) there will always be people who want to give you advice whether you ask for it or not. Some advice is good but sometimes you just... Continue Reading →

Date Talk 

While out on dates with my husband we love to laugh, talk about the past and future, and so many other things. I've often seen other couples looking at us curiously or just simply looking at their phones instead of each other. Some couples don't know what to talk about when the kids aren't around... Continue Reading →

Seduce Your Husband

Conquer. Conquer and Seduce. To conquer means: to successfully overcome a problem or weakness. A wife needs to conquer her fear of embarrassment and shyness so that she can seduce her husband. To seduce means: to attract powerfully. The act of seducing your husband is how you show your love, interest, and devotion to him. […]

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