How do you handle it?

Have you ever found that you and your spouse argue about the same issue/issues over and over again but in different ways? Why do you think this happens and if it has happened to you what helped you to peacefully resolve/stop these arguments? If they haven't been resolved how do you both diffuse the situation?... Continue Reading →


Go Paperless

Who says a love note needs to be written on paper? Love notes can come in the form of acts of service, a special gift, or even a touch. It doesn't need to be something big. It can be something as simple as helping your spouse do a chore without being asked. There are: 1.... Continue Reading →

It’s Just Too Short

About a week after returning from our honeymoon in Paris, my father unexpectedly passed away. Then within the space of 5 years both of my husbands’ parents passed away as well. While we grieved for our parents, we clung to each other and became emotionally hardened at having experienced so many losses in such a... Continue Reading →

Keep Up!

It's been a few years of marriage. Responsibilities and expectations start to take over your lives. You and your spouse love each other but don't get to spend time alone like you used to. Sound familiar? Keeping up with your spouse through changes and character growth can certainly benefit your marriage. Think about how well... Continue Reading →

4 Ways To Connect With Your Spouse

Summer is almost over.  Don't let it go by without spending time alone with your spouse. Here are some ideas: Have fun together - Do something that makes you both laugh. Whether it is playing a game, watching a movie, or cooking dinner giving off that positive energy makes your spouse want to be around... Continue Reading →

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