Resolution Fail?

One of my resolutions for this year is to maintain my weight. Believe me, I worked really hard to lose about 40 lbs! I have had 3 children and had gained a good amount of weight from the pregnancies. So for me, maintaining my weight is a big deal. Sooner or later, without commitment, resolutions... Continue Reading →



Have you ever counted how many times you looked at yourself in a mirror during the course of any given day? Have you ever stopped to look at yourself? I mean REALLY look, not a glance..a LOOK. No doubt you may think about how you wish this were different, maybe that your nose wasn't that... Continue Reading →


Running always left me breathless. I couldn't stand it. I would get these pains in my side that just made me want to stop. Now that I'm older and more active, I'm willing to try running again. My husband recently started running and it looks like a great way to help stay in shape. After... Continue Reading →

Summer’s End

That time of year is back again. We see gravestones on front lawns, skeletons hanging from trees, jack-o-lanterns by the windows and fake bloody corpses that look like they are about to rise from the dead all around us. We see kids having fun, dressing up in adorable character/animal costumes or even in scary ensembles,... Continue Reading →

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