9 Ways to Protect Your Marriage

We want our marriages to last a lifetime. Yet, after some years of marriage small things that can have lasting impacts creep in: mistrust, less communication, or infrequent sex. How can you protect your marriage from the hurt that these problems bring? 1. Spend time regularly with your spouse – There’s no better way to connect with your spouse than to spend time alone with … Continue reading 9 Ways to Protect Your Marriage


Scenario: You and your fiancé are about to get married. You both ask an older couple that you know out to dinner so that you can ask them a few questions about their marriage. You want their advice and want to know what has made their marriage an admirable one. What would you ask them? Please share in the comment box below! Continue reading Questions

Date Talk 

While out on dates with my husband we love to laugh, talk about the past and future, and so many other things. I’ve often seen other couples looking at us curiously or just simply looking at their phones instead of each other. Some couples don’t know what to talk about when the kids aren’t around or find it difficult to start a conversation in general. … Continue reading Date Talk 

5 Topics to Discuss Before you Marry

Here are 5 important things to discuss with your fiancé before you tie the knot. The Past – Start your marriage with honesty. Be transparent with your soon-to-be spouse. Clear up any problems that has the potential to resurface in the future. Ask each other questions..know who you are marrying.  Goals and Ambitions – Respect each other’s goals. Can you support his or her goal … Continue reading 5 Topics to Discuss Before you Marry