Running always left me breathless. I couldn’t stand it. I would get these pains in my side that just made me want to stop. Now that I’m older and more active, I’m willing to try running again. My husband recently started running and it looks like a great way to help stay in shape. After his run one day, he said that I should run … Continue reading Run

Love Letters

When my husband and I were in the courtship phase of our relationship we began writing letters to one another. While we still communicated via email and telephone, there was something more personal about receiving a written letter. The fact that he had taken the time to write it out, personalize it, get a stamp and mail it out made it so special. I remember … Continue reading Love Letters

Body Images

Did you know that 89% of American women are unhappy with their weight? On a day to day basis we are constantly bombarded with images of women with “perfect bodies”! You see them on the billboards, in the grocery checkout lines, in the magazines delivered to your home, or online. We often compare our bodies to those “perfectly designed ones”. When we do that it … Continue reading Body Images

Say Cheese!

Why is it that in our society we find that people don’t smile? Perhaps someone may have a good day and smile but in general people just don’t  smile. Proverbs 17:22 tells us “A merry heart doeth good like medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” As Christians we should be the happiest people on Earth; we know where we came from, what Christ … Continue reading Say Cheese!