Awesome Product #3

Since there are several ways to use a wedge pillow, having one in my house has become a necessity. From back support to reducing neck and shoulder pain, a wedge pillow aids in so many ways. Try one! Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Pillow, Made in California 10-inch Buying something through one of... Continue Reading →


Awesome Product #2

Using coupons is a fun way to enhance in your marriage! Get flirty with your spouse and hide a coupon where he or she is bound to find it. Give them the opportunity to redeem it any time they wish or use it to hint at what you're planning to do that night. Impress your... Continue Reading →

April’s Challenge

Ready to take action on some of the marriage advice here on this blog? Each month there will be a challenge posted that will empower you to take your marriage to new heights. Join the monthly challenges. Commit and see the difference! April's Challenge: Have at least 2 date nights for the month. Comment below... Continue Reading →

Awesome Product #1

Listening to an exciting audio book while doing mundane tasks or commuting to work can certainly make the time fly! Listen to a dramatization of a favorite novel or one that you and your spouse would like to hear together. My husband and I enjoy listening to audiobooks when we are on road trips. Click... Continue Reading →

Bible on the Dresser, Condoms in the Drawer: God’s opinion of Premarital Sex. — JP Robinson

When you have sex with someone you’re not married to, you are tossing the gift of your body and purity away. Guilt, shame and regret are the results of this union-not love and not happiness. via Bible on the Dresser, Condoms in the Drawer: God’s opinion of Premarital Sex. — JP Robinson

Resolution Fail?

One of my resolutions for this year is to maintain my weight. Believe me, I worked really hard to lose about 40 lbs! I have had 3 children and had gained a good amount of weight from the pregnancies. So for me, maintaining my weight is a big deal. Sooner or later, without commitment, resolutions... Continue Reading →


Every parent wants to have their child, one day, marry and settle down with the right person and have a successful marriage. What many parents do not realize is that children must have an example of what a successful marriage looks like set before them. It is no secret that children learn by imitating. From... Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Destinations

Would you like to revisit your honeymoon destination with your spouse? After being married for 12 years, my husband and I have decided that we would love to revisit our honeymoon destination. We had visited Paris, France for 5 days and then returned back home. While we had a great time, experienced jet lag, and... Continue Reading →

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